It’s OK to feel good when DJ Praewa Power fires sonic rainbows down the Rabbit Hole. A full-spectrum musician adept behind drum set or microphone, DJ Praewa electrifies as she uplifts with solar-charged beats that get a room moving and feeling positive. Take a break from dude-DJ aggression and enjoyed a night of girl-powered bliss at this special, one-night engagement starting 10 pm on Friday, Aug. 16.

From Beam to Safe House, DJ Praewa Power is a veteran of Bangkok’s mainstream and underground venues, as well as one-third of the musical trinity of Yellow Fang.

Ace in the Hole is our curated series pairing seriously talented DJs with our seriously delicious drinks. Entry is free, and while a reservation is not required, it’s a pretty good idea. Book a spot at 098-532-3500 or