PATTAYA CARS ON FLIGHT 2024: A Spectacular Automotive Extravaganza

Get ready for an explosive event at PATTAYA CARS ON FLIGHT 2024, the largest gathering of modified cars in Eastern Thailand. Hosted by Terminal21 Pattaya, this adrenaline-fueled extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience for car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

Event Details:

Date: June 9, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM onwards

Location: Terminal21 Pattaya Runway (Outdoor)


Rare Gems: Discover the legendary Chevrolet Camaro 1977, alongside the iconic Bumblebee Transformer robot.

300+ Vehicles: Feast your eyes on a mesmerizing lineup of supercars, sports cars, 90s classics, modified rides, and powerful big bikes.

Activities: Engage in thrilling activities, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and immerse yourself in the vibrant automotive culture.

Whether you’re a gearhead, a photography enthusiast, or simply curious about jaw-dropping automobiles, PATTAYA CARS ON FLIGHT 2024 is an event you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars and rev up for an unforgettable day!

Admission is free, so gather your friends and family, and head to Terminal21 Pattaya on June 9th. See you at the runway!

Note: The event details are based on information available as of now. For any updates or additional information, visit the official Terminal21 Pattaya event page.

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