Bangkok nightlife lovers are on alert for a takeover at the Penthouse Bar + Grill by Maggie Choo’s from 8 P.M.- 2 A.M. on Saturday, 20th July 2019.

In a special guest arrangement, one of uptown Bangkok’s most popular nightlife haunts, Maggie Choo’s, will emerge from its underground speakeasy and go high above the city lights, taking over the 35th floor of the Penthouse Bar + Grill at Park Hyatt Bangkok in this unique collaboration.

1930’s Shanghai meets the Roaring 20’s in the sky. Maggie Choo’s will entertain guests at the Penthouse with Maggie Choo’s Shanghainese ladies, a hot live jazz band and barkeeps Anders Olsen and “Kong” Worachai Asian-infused signature cocktails serving up L’Amour De Choco 320 THB ++, Rum in Tea 320 THB ++, Black – Blood 320 THB ++, Red in Town 320 THB ++.

Come for a fun weekend night and check out the festivities, A Night with Maggie Choos at the Penthouse.

Don’t miss performances by Maggie Choo’s signature Shanghainese Ladies at 9 pm, 10 P.M. and 11 P.M. and enjoy live jazz from 9 P.M.-midnight followed by Penthouse’s DJ, spinning beats until late.

No entry fee and all are welcomed.

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