Butterflies Bangkok Celebrates 3rd Anniversary Nov. 23

Bangkok’s hottest go-go bar will get even hotter Nov. 23 as Butterflies Bangkok celebrates its third anniversary with its biggest party ever.

Starting life in 2016 as simply a rebranded Jail Birdz, the huge a-go-go on the top floor of Nana Plaza gradually metamorphosized into the Thai capital’s most-talked-about club. Once thought of as the weaker sister of Billboard Bangkok, Butterflies on many nights is actually busier than its older sibling and the buzz surrounding the go-go on its third birthday is the loudest of any bar of its kind in Thailand.

Butterflies will toast its success and newfound popularity with an epic party featuring 140 of Bangkok’s hottest ladies, 100 fresh-baked pizzas and Buy One, Get One Free special on select beer and spirits. The night also will feature special sexy shows and free t-shirts for guests while supplies last.

The Butterflies Story

Butterflies story really is that of a caterpillar who became a beautiful monarch. The largest bar in Nana Plaza, on Sukhumvit Soi 4, Butterflies initially struggled to attract both enough ladies and customers. Well into its second year, its owner seemingly conceded its fate by installing a retractable curtain and closing off half of the bar to give it a warmer vibe.

But in late 2018, Butterflies’ owner – who also operates Thailand’s No. 1 go-go bar, Billboard Bangkok – made the decision to simply “go for it”, investing the money to fully stock Butterflies’ two stages and Jacuzzis with even more of the supermodel-calibre dancers that put Billboard atop the charts. An all-new computerized lighting system was installed and a no-expense-spared sound system.

The result? A club with a look, sound and vibe like no other. Butterflies quickly began winning plaudits for its fresh identity – “same, same, but different” from Billboard – and the great attitude of the 140 entertainers on the floor, which gave Butterflies a more-accessible “party” vibe.

Now, as Butterflies prepares to celebrate its birthday, the go-go is no longer “Billboard’s Little Sister”. It actually employs 40% more dancers and has become a destination unto its own that, during the low season of this year, frequently draws more customers than Billboard across the way.

Check out the all-new Butterflies Bangkok yourself from 8 p.m. on Nov. 23.