Are you ready for the greatest jet ski tournament in the world? Thai Airways International JET SKI WORLD CUP 2019 is ready for you on December 5th-8th this year at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand.

The fantastic news is that His Majesty King Rama X has graciously bestowed the new and magnificent Royal Trophy to the champions of all the 6 categories, i.e. Pro Ski, Pro Sport, Pro R/A 1100, Pro R/A, Pro Freestyle and Endurance.

As a custom of this grand tournament, the names of the champions will be engraved on the trophy of all the categories (Pro, Expert, Amateur & Junior) so that the history will remember them forever.

You will experience great fun and extreme excitement if you have an opportunity to witness this unique racing at the race site and feel the colourful atmosphere. Just imagine that all the racers have to sprint as fast as they can on the ever-changing water with unpredictable waves to fight to be No.1 among the 18 racers in one race. They have to beat each other on their high-horse powered craft that can escape the strong gravity more than 20 turns per round. Yes! This is the difficult test to the combination of good supporting team, engine, strong muscles, tolerance and quick body and brain communication in a split second. Surely, these racers have to be “braver than brave” because this is the ultimate racing game on the water which the racers riding with no craft body cover.