LGBT Rainbow Saturday Night

Raising the rainbow flag higher here in Viva Filipinas. Celebrating all kinds of love and igniting the colours brighter here in one of the most liberated cities in Asia, Bangkok!

We can’t wait to celebrate the LGBT Rainbow Saturday Night with all of you with an exclusive performance of Queen Gisele and other LIVE performances.

Saturday, 25th July 2020
7:00 PM onwards
Admission Fee: 299 THB / per person
Inclusive of 2 Glasses of drinks (choices of mocktails, beer and cocktails).

Get ready and be fabulous for this fantastic chance to win the following prizes:
>> Best Dress of the Night (2 Winners) – (2) 500 Worth of Voucher at Viva Filipinas
>> Best OOTD Post on Facebook – (1) Winner – 500 Worth of Voucher
>> (2) 500 Vouchers of Viva Filipinas
>> (1) 1000 Worth of Voucher at Viva Filipinas

EVERYONES invited to celebrate this special weekend of Freedom of expression and acceptance.

Shine bright and live your life!

See you in Viva Filipinas!

Happy Pride everyone