Thai police in massive debt – they owe 270 billion baht

It has been revealed that the Thai police – despite imaginative ways to boost income with certain revenue streams – are shouldering massive collective debt.

In fact, policemen owe finance firms a staggering 270 billion baht.

Of course, Thailand’s police force is famously bloated in numbers but Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha is not happy about the situation.

He has ordered Gen Suwat “Big Pat” Chaengyodsuk to come up with some options.

Suwat told Daily News of his plans to refinance debt for 97% of the loans that are ongoing.

Two per cent have said they can’t meet interest rates of 7-8% and 1% of the policemen who have taken out loans are being prosecuted for non-payment.

He admitted that in Loei in the northeast police there owe 700 million baht.

Suwat’s bright or “ping idea” now, said the media, is to ask the government to set up some low-interest deals to help the cops who are in debt.


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