Investigation underway after people dress as motosai taxi drivers to jump vaccine queue

Picture: Thai Rath

Thai Rath reported that 20 people in motorcycle taxi jackets turned up hoping to be vaccinated for Covid-19 on Sunday.

It happened at the mass vaccination centre being run at the Grand Central Bang Sue station in northern Bangkok.

“Win” – as they are known in Thai – riders were eligible to be jabbed as public sector transport workers but these 20 had not registered for a jab and no record could be found of them on Department of Land Transport lists.

And none had the required licence enabling them to offer public transport services.

This news soon reached the ears of transport minister Saksayam Chidchob who order DLT chief Jirut Wisanjit to instigate an immediate inquiry that is now underway.

Jirut said that any people found to have broken the law will be prosecuted.

Motorcycle riders, said the media, can inform their head of rank of their intention to be vaccinated or go through other means such as visiting the DLT website or district offices.

Walk-ins were allowed but these were not to be found on official lists of registered riders.

These riders were either complete fakes or unregistered riders without licences, it appears.