For all the long-term expats and regular visitors to Thailand, if they prod their memory hard enough, they might be able to remember the days when the Thai Baht wasn’t worth much more than a knackered old buffalo! The good old days when a 1000 Baht note literally did have you living a champagne lifestyle on lemonade money, are but a distant memory.

How times have changed the Thai Baht nowadays seems to stick in one place longer than President Trump’s heavily hair-sprayed blonde bonnet. On the other hand, western currencies seem to be up and down more than a bar girls knickers!

So if you are wondering how many pints you can get to your pound, how much arse you get for your Aussie, how much Doris to the dollar, and how much fumbling for your franc?  Check out Chrome Crupmet’s currency checker for daily updates on popular exchange rates.

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