Hailing from the north of England the ‘chippy tea’ is still a beloved Friday night tradition passed down from generation to generation. So when I heard that Scruffy Murphy’s had a BOGOF (buy one get one free) on fish & chips on Friday night, my mouth was wetter in anticipation than a Baccara bar girls knickers after a coach load of salarymen just piled through the door. My mind was made up I was heading to Scruffy’s for a ‘chippy tea’.

Scruffy Murphy’s billed as an ‘Irish bar’, and it certainly has that feel to it. On arrival, I was offered a warm and polite welcome by the friendly staff and chose to take a seat at the bar. The horseshoe-shaped bar hugs the back wall complimented by stool seating allowing patrons to converse at the bar while enjoying a pint of their favourite tipple. The rest of the pub consists of an open plan layout with booth style seating around the outside walls which offer some relative privacy if you are out dining with a companion. The centre of the pub features old beer barrels which have been turned into delightful tables adorned with stool style seating. All in all the pub is comfortable and has been fitted out to a high standard resulting in a nice cosy feel to it. One thing I love about Scruffy Murphy’s is that it’s colder than a penguins refrigerator inside which is always a welcome relief from the searing heat of Bangkok.

On my visit to the pub, a band led by a female vocalist was playing chilled out music at a suitable volume level for the time of day (none of that ear-splitting music that has the pictures shaking on the walls) as you find in many a Sukhumvit establishment.

Anyway, on to the main event the food. As it was a BOGOF on the fish & chips, I opted to take two servings as I was dining alone, that and the fact I could hear myself say: “well you have paid for it so you might as well eat it”. The service was prompt and attentive, and the food arrived within about fifteen minutes – not bad considering the pub was bustling. The presentation of the food was excellent, and the food plated perfectly. The fish was nicely cooked two decent sized pieces lightly coated in a delicious fluffy batter. The fish was accompanied by real ‘chip shop’ style chips which had a lovely golden, crunchy exterior and a fluffy, well-flavoured interior. The peas were real mushy peas not garden peas as you so often receive In Bangkok pubs (although the offering was a little on the small side) the peas themselves were perfect in consistency not too thick or too runny. The dish accompanied by a serving of tartar sauce which was wonderfully creamy and just begging to smothered on the fish and finally finished with a light, fresh, crunchy side salad.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”2″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]All in all the Scruffy Murphy’s experience was a delightful one. The food was excellent, and I would say it’s as close to a real ‘chip shop’ experience you will find in any Bangkok pub. If you are seeking your Friday night fix of fish & chips from back home, I can highly recommend Scruffy Murphy’s where you will be treated to great food accompanied by fine hospitality.


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