Police will face trouble if caught taking bribes – tourists stopped by traffic cops in Phuket creates stir

Thai social media was abuzz with comments after tourists were stopped for traffic misdemeanours on motorcycles in Phuket.

RTP spokesman Maj-Gen Khemmarin Hatsiri said that traffic police were out making sure that everyone was safe and following the rules on Ratuthit 200 Years Road near the Bangla intersection.

They were checking both Thais and foreigners on motorcycles for misdemeanours like not wearing helmets or not having a licence.

It was standard practice, he said.

He notes that Phuket provincial chief Pol Maj-Gen Sermphan Sirikhong would stand for no backhanders being taken by traffic police and promised offenders would face disciplinary action or criminal prosecution.

But he also noted that police were within their rights to let off those who were breaking the law as a first offence and show leniency.

The spokesman told Manager that police were requesting that motorcycle rental shops checked tourists’ documents and said that it was important that tourists knew the requirements and road rules before taking to the roads.

ASEAN NOW notes that Phuket has been at the forefront of the reopening of Thailand.

Manager did not make it clear whether there was online criticism of the police for picking on tourists or taking bribes in this case.



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