Thailand’s soapy massage days are over – prostitution has moved online now, says Chuwit

The former “Lord of Soapy Massage” Chuwit Kamolwisit has said that the days of such prostitution in Thailand are over.

He said that now anyone can “get a woman on the Line (application) if “they fancy a bit of fun”.

Chuwit – former politician, a convicted felon, TV presenter – is always good value for his views. Sanook called him the “chao phor ang” – a kind of ‘godfather of the bath’.

So it was no wonder that Channel 3 turned to him for comments after it was revealed online yesterday that a soapy massage or “ab ob nuat” in the Pin Klao area of Bangkok was up for sale for 470 million baht.

The five-story, three-building complex has 104 rooms and a coffee shop with 50 tables. It has all the permits and was being sold by an old man with no heirs.

There has reportedly been some interest from one buyer back in August.

Chuwit told Channel 3’s morning show that it really wasn’t about the massage business but about the value of the land – he called the 3 rai property as a “golden piece of real estate” on the Arun Amarin Road.

He said the selling price was based on the square wah value of land there being 400,000 baht.

He said that the future of massage parlours like this is highly doubtful, they are all closed right now. He doubted they would be profitable and banks would not lend money on them being so in the future.

He said that the heyday of soapy massage in Thailand was over, the old days and the old-timers like him were histories.

Nowadays it was all about real estate and building condos.

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