Why do so many expats fall off their balconies in Thailand?

It is becoming almost the norm to read in the papers or online that another ex-pat has tragically died falling from a balcony.

This week alone there have been a further two incidents in Pattaya where people have met their death falling off a balcony.

There seems to be more than a bit of a trend going on here, in what is one of the other most popular tourist areas in Thailand.

It seems hardly a month goes by without yet another balcony-related death.

This sadly is not entirely a new phenomenon as we reported as far back as 2016 that a Finn was found dead, ten floors below a Jomtien Beach condo.

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth office, alone with ABTA has often urged British nationals to take care on balconies and this even prompted the FCO and ABTA to launch a campaign warning of the dangers.

It was reported that three thousand British people fall off balconies each year while abroad.

Spain has a similar problem

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Britons, but recent deaths and accidents after Britons have fallen from balconies have forced the FCO to update their travel advice for the country.

Spain has been a top holiday spot for years, but a spate of deaths and serious accidents in the country has forced the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to issue new travel advice.

Could it be the low construction heights?

Apparently, most balconies in Thailand have barriers that are about 700 or 800 mm high – for the shorter Thai people – and there is little or no policing of building regulations.

Whereas in Australia there is a one-meter minimum for example on building balconies over there.

Therefore, if a tall Expat (over 5.10) stands next to a 700 mm railing, it only reaches their thighs.

Now take an old man drinking and losing balance a bit and over they go. It happens – there are many incidences of accidental falls.

Sadly some of course are not and can be linked to concerns over many issues including finances and depression.

But maybe the time has come to at least force the Thai developers to raise the height of balconies in the future.



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