Guy slices off his sausage – on your bike son

We have all been there, had a bad day at the office; had a blazing row with the other half etc. No matter how bad you think, your day has been spare a thought for poor Yang Hu.

Yang, a 26-year-old male said to hail from Zhejiang Province in China had grown depressed at the state of his nonexistent love life. His depression became so bad that Yang, decided that due to a lack mattress actress action with the local ladies, he no longer needed the services of his sausage so decided to lob it off! Believing this would put a stop his inappropriate thoughts towards the local maidens.

Yang, left in horrific pain after deciding to self-butcher his salami. Miraculously Yang managed to propel himself by bicycle to the local hospital in the hope that doctors would be able to reattach his mangled member. On arrival at the hospital rather than prepare Yang for surgery, doctors advise him to get back on his bike and go home because he had forgotten to bring the severed salami with him.

Yang finally rode home to pick up his penis but was hit with yet more bad news on his return. Doctors advised Yang that his penis had been without blood for an extended period and therefore were unable to carry out surgery to attempt to reattach it.

Yang’s pals have blasted medical staff at the facility for not providing an ambulance for him to return home and collect his penis. They believe his penis might have been saved if he hadn’t had to cycle back, taking up valuable time.


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