Phnom Penh extends restrictions for another 14 days

The Phnom Penh Capital Administration has decided to continue administrative measures and suspend ‘high-risk’ activities for another 14 days.

This means that the restrictions will continue until 23 September 2021

Restrictions include:

– Public and private educational institutions that do not yet have the policy to reopen
– All kinds of club businesses, such as karaoke, bar, disco, beer garden and casino
– Resorts, museums, playgrounds and parks
– Massage, sauna and all kinds of business
– Cinemas, art theaters, gyms and sports centers of all kinds.

All gatherings or gatherings of people for all kinds of alcohol are prohibited

During the resumption of administrative measures, administrative gatherings or private gatherings of more than 15 (fifteen) persons shall be suspended, except in the following cases:

– Gathering of family members living in the same house or lodge together
– Organizing funerals in accordance with the regulations of the competent authorities and after taking
Samples of corpses to be tested for Kovid-19 with negative results
– Meetings of public institutions, gatherings and meetings of health workers to implement health measures, such as taking samples for analysis of Kovid-19 and vaccination Kovid-19
– Meetings of emergency medical personnel
– Meetings of competent authorities and administrative forces at all levels to maintain security, order and public order
– Meetings of people during Time of proceedings of a judicial police officer or a tribunal
– A gathering of people who are necessary to serve the public interest or for the purpose
Others as determined by the competent authorities.